2021 COVID-19 League Protocol

Players in 2021 leagues are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19, if they have not already done so.

Proof of vaccination will not be required for participation in District Sports leagues, but getting vaccinated is the best way to make our leagues as safe as possible. We truly hope everyone who is safely able to get vaccinated chooses to do so.

If you are unvaccinated, you are expected to wear a mask during league play, per CDC and DC-based guidelines.

Those choosing to play in this season, and upcoming seasons, must do so with the understanding that there may be unvaccinated participants, and that individuals personally assume any associated risk for the decision to engage in league play.

Participants, Rosters & Spectators

  • Registered participants are expected to be the only players at matches.
  • There is no maximum to the number of players you may carry on your roster.
  • All participants must be registered and have signed appropriate waivers in order to play in games.
  • Participants may register at any time during the season–even on site, before a match.
  • We strongly discourage teams from bringing non-players to games. Fans and spectators at any match may be asked to leave, in order to ensure capacity limits at fields are honored.

Face Coverings

  • Masks or cloth face coverings are encouraged during play, but will not be required at all locations.
  • If you are unvaccinated, you are expected to wear a mask during league play and at all other times while at games.
  • At some facilities, masks may be required for all participants. At these specific facilities, masks will be required during gameplay and while on the sidelines. Though the CDC has lifted many restrictions, some fields have additional requirements that we must follow, which are written into rental contracts.
  • If a league takes place at a facility which requires masks, it will be clearly communicated with participants prior to play.

Location & Equipment Logistics

  • Teams are required to bring their own game balls, which will be sanitized by league officials prior to the start of each match, as necessary.
  • During scheduled games, teams’ bench and substitution areas will be separate and distinct from each other.
  • Teams and players not participating in a scheduled game are expected to stay off the field until participating teams have cleared the bench and play areas.
  • Entry and exit points onto the field will be different, if possible. 
  • There is no access to communal bathrooms for participants at ANY location.

COVID-19, Notifications & Tracking

  • Participants are instructed to stay at home if they feel unwell or were recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, in addition to abiding by all local and Federal COVID-19 recommendations, and understanding any further restrictions outlined in the District Sports Participation Waiver.
  • If a participant tests positive for COVID-19, we encourage them to notify us as soon as possible. All personal information will be kept confidential.
  • District Sports will abide by all local and Federal guidelines, in the event we receive a report of a participant testing positive. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Contacting all participants and employees with potential contact with the COVID-positive participant(s). 
    • Providing pertinent information to Health Departments for contact tracing efforts.
  • In the event that a public health issue precludes a game from taking place, District Sports will make due effort to reschedule if possible, with consideration for field space and resources available. 
  • Any games forfeited due to public health concerns will either be listed as a 3-0 win or a 0-0 tie on the league table. This determination will be made by league officials, using best judgement based on the specific situation. 

Any refusal of participants to acknowledge or abide by these rules will result in their immediate removal from the premises and banning from the program for which they signed up for.

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