Dash & Dine for DC – How To / FAQ

Where do I register?

Sign up here!

How does it work?

Step 1: Register!

Register anytime before between now and the end of the challenge on June 21st. Registration is $24. Half of your fee is donated to a local non-profit and half is used to purchase food or drinks at locally owned and operated businesses.

Step 2: Support!

When registering, you get to choose which organization you’d like to support and which local business you’d like to support. Want to help more than just one organization? Opt-in to donate on the registration page. Extra hungry? Visit ALL of our friendly food partners: All-Purpose Pizza, Atlas Brew Works, and Call Your Mother Deli.

Step 3: Dash!

Complete as many physical challenges as you can in one week. Your challenges for the week include:

8K run
8-mile hike/walk
18-mile bike ride
3 hours of yoga – Try Yoga Heights DC online for free classes!
Find a set of stairs. Run up & down them 50 times
3 virtual fitness classes. Try free Sweat DC Anywhere classes, or the free Friday AM November Project DC session.

Step 4: Post!

Post a photo of you completing a challenge to Instagram! Use the hashtag #dashanddinefordc and tag / mention @District_Sports and @NovemberProjectDC for a chance to win multiple daily prizes from our great partners!

If you’re not on Instagram, no worries! Just email your challenge photos to dashanddinefordc@districtsports.com.

Step 5: Dine!

Use the $12 Discount code you’ll receive the week after the event to buy food or beverages at the local business of your choice. This code is single-use only.

What organizations does Dash & Dine for DC benefit?

DC SCORES creates neighborhood teams that give kids in need the confidence and skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom, and in life. During the COVID-19 crisis, DC SCORES has been critical in helping youth overcome issues associated with isolation.

Bread for the City provides critical safety net assistance to approximately 32,000 residents each year, including food, medical care, legal assistance, social services, and clothing, all free of charge. They fight to uproot racism – a major cause of poverty – through advocacy, community engagement, and racial equity work. They remain steadfast in serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) creates access to good, healthy food in every community. CAFB fulfills its mission through a network of over 450 nonprofit food assistance partners, and by empowering the communities it serves through nutrition resources designed to promote healthier lifestyles. Through partners and direct distribution programs, they distribute over 30 million healthy meals per year to about 400,000 people in need.

What local businesses will honor my food discount code?

All-Purpose Pizza – Pizza – 2 locations: Shaw – 1250 9th St. NW, Washington D.C. 20001, Capitol RiverFront – 79 Potomac Avenue SE

Atlas Brew Works – Beer – Location: 2052 West Virginia Ave NE #102, DC 20002

Call Your Mother Deli – Deli – 2 locations: Parkview – 3301 Georgia Ave NW, Capitol Hill – 701 8th Street SE

How will I be able to redeem my food discount code?

The week of June 22nd, you will receive a discount code by email. Redeem your single-use code via on-line ordering with one of our event food partners. All orders must be made online before July 31, 2020. Your discount will expire after that date.

How do I take advantage of free yoga and fitness classes?

Each day during the week of the challenge, you’ll be sent a link with options for free online classes. In the case of Sweat DC, we recommended that you register with them on June 15th, as access to their free schedule of classes will only last through June 22nd.

How to access free November Project DC sessions:

  • NPDC has a Zoom workout every Friday at 6:30am (#JustZoomUp)
  • Access the 30-minute workout here (PW: NPDC)
  • The workout can be done in any space & doesn’t require equipment
  • Make sure to get a screenshot of yourself during or after the workout and post to Instagram using #dashanddinedc

How to access free Yoga Heights Yoga classes:

  • Yoga Heights has an extensive collection of classes (all levels and styles) available on their Youtube channel here.
  • Make sure to get a photo / video of yourself during your practice and be sure to post to Instagram using #dashanddinedc
How to access free Sweat DC fitness classes:
  • Free fitness classes are available to Dash and Dine for DC participants until June 21st.
  • To access available classes, fill out this form. Sweat DC staff will then be in touch with your login credentials.
  • Make sure to get a photo / video of yourself during or after your workout and post to Instagram using #dashanddinedc

Who are the event administrators?

November Project DC is a FREE, inclusive, no-barriers fitness movement that was born in Boston as a way to stay in shape during cold New England months. Now present in 52 cities around the world and in its seventh year in DC, the movement uses a simple sense of accountability to motivate and encourage people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to get moving. During non-COVID times, November Project DC hosts three outdoor workouts — a mix of running and bodyweight exercises — a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Learn more on their website. #JustShowUp

District Sports is a nonprofit and the largest adult soccer organization in the DC Metro area. They serve nearly 10,000 people each year. Beyond organizing top-notch leagues and tournaments for players of all levels, District Sports is committed to improving the neighborhoods in which it operates. Each year they donate over 50K to organizations benefiting D.C. schools, parks, and other community endeavors.

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