Free Agent / I Don’t Have a Team

Interested in joining a league, but don’t have a team?

Check out the information on any program from our Upcoming Leagues page to see if Free Agents are allowed to register directly!

If the league you’re interested in does not allow direct registration, send us an email and we’ll do our best to place you with a team.

District Sports encourages individuals and teams to compete in ANY program they feel is the best fit for their gender identity or that of their players.

Players who are are neither male-identified or female-identified, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, or any other gender outside the binary are welcome to participate as their authentic selves. Our only hard and fast rule is that cisgendered men are not allowed to participate in leagues listed as “Women’s.” If you have any questions about gender and participation in a program, please let us know!


In general, the Free Agent Pool is open during our four yearly registration periods.

Players sign up for the Free Agent Pool and list pertinent info about where, when and what level soccer they’d like to play.

Captains searching for extra teammates use them to find new players.

Captains invite Free Agents to join/send Free Agents messages as needed.

You will only be asked to pay a league fee if you agree to join a team.


Teams in our CoEd and Women’s leagues are always on the lookout for female-identified players, and others who do not identify as cisgendered men.

If there’s a current or upcoming league you’d like to join, just send us an email and we’ll contact team captains on your behalf —!

We also encourage you to create a profile advertising yourself to team captains by registering for our Free Agent Pool, or directly register for open programs where we’re looking for female Free Agents.


Men looking to join a District Sports team are encouraged to sign up for our Free Agent Pool, or directly register for open programs where we’re looking for for male Free Agents.

By signing up for the Free Agent Pool, there is no guarantee you will get on a team, but most players do!

Unfortunately, there is occasionally more interest from individual male players than there is space to accommodate everyone who registers.

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