5v5 Indoor and Outdoor League Rules

Indoor Soccer Rules

District Sports considers the in-game decisions of the referee to be final. While we appreciate and welcome feedback on all elements of our league (including referees), challenges to both calls and non-calls are not reviewed by league management. Decisions and non-calls on the part of District Sports referees are not subject to being overturned by league admins; they will also not serve as justification to replay matches.

A. Game Time  –  Each games will consist of two 25-minute halves with a 2 minute half time or as required due to adjusted game times.

B. Equipment

  • Shin guards are mandatory and must be covered entirely by socks.
  • Soccer turfs (recommended), cleats, or other athletic shoes are mandatory; no street shoes or metal cleats. Referees’ decisions on footwear suitability are final.
  • Each team shall be responsible for providing at least one game ball (District Sports will supply a small number of game balls for indoor leagues).
  • Watches are not permitted during play unless covered by wrist sweatbands or padded covering.
  • District Sports is not responsible for any item lost or stolen during games or at District Sports field sites.

C. Coed Rule

5v5 CoEd indoor – Teams may not have more than three (3) players on the field of the same gender on the field at any one time. If a team shows up without at least one player of each gender they will automatically forfeit.

5v5 Men’s+ Indoor – While these leagues are advertised for Men, teams may field players of any gender. There is no CoEd requirement.

5v5 Women’s/Non-Binary Indoor – These leagues are for players who identify as female, trans, genderqueer, nonbinary, and other players who self-select as appropriate to the program.

D. Forfeits

Teams must be ready to play the game within 8 minutes of the scheduled game time. If a team is not ready to play with three players, then they are considered to have forfeited.

For CoEd, if a team shows up without at least one player of each gender they will automatically forfeit.

E. Adding players from other teams

Should teams have enough players that they don’t need to forfeit, but not enough for a whole team, they may pick up players from another team provided that they are registered District Sports Players. If remaining players from the scheduled team arrive after the start of the game then any players who have been picked up from another team should leave the game. Any team who picks up players should not add more players than can play on the field at any given time. This means that the team should not have any substitutes. This does not apply to goalkeepers. Teams may add additional players if they do not have their own goalkeeper present.

F. Substitutions

Field player substitutions may be made at any point during game play or stoppages. Players should enter and leave the field from the halfway line. Goalkeeper substitutions can only be made during stoppages in play with the consent of the referee.

F. Facility-Specific Rules

Rules regarding allowed goal area and penalty spots will be determined based on facility. Referees will communicate this to teams.

G. Run-of-Play

Goals may be scored from both the offensive and defensive halves, by any player. Goalkeepers are, however, not allowed to score with their hands by throwing the ball.

H. Restarts

A throw from the goalkeeper’s hands will restart play whenever the ball goes across the touchlines INSTEAD of a goal kick.

Indirect kick-ins will be taken whenever the ball has been kicked out of bounds or hits the ceiling. Opponents must give 5 yards of space.

Direct Penalty kicks are awarded for fouls that occur within the penalty area. Kicks are taken from the three- point arc. All other restarts are Indirect.

Kickoffs after a goal or to start a half are all indirect

I. Goalkeepers

The ball may be thrown as far as the goal keeper likes

The goalkeeper is not permitted to use his/her hands when directly receiving a pass from a teammate; if a goalkeeper uses his/her hands, an indirect kick will be awarded to the opposing team.

J. Substitutions

Unlimited Substitutions may be made on the fly without the consent of the referee.

K. Player Contact

Pushing and checking is prohibited. Checking any opposing player into a wall may result in an automatic yellow card

Slide-tackling is NOT permitted.

Players should limit upper body contact

L. Misconduct

Yellow Card – Referees will immediately substitute player out for a minimum of two (2) minutes.

Red Card – A player receiving a red card, or two yellow cards in the same match, must leave the field premises, sight and sound, without substitution.

M. Team Conduct

Discipline – The Team Captain assumes the responsibility regarding team leadership and maintenance of order and discipline. District Sports expects each Captain to set a positive example for their players in promoting good sportsmanship and self- control. If a player not registered with District Sports receives a Red Card, the Captain will be asked to serve the player’s suspension.

Sideline Control – The Captain is responsible for the behavior of his/her bench area – including fans. After being verbally warned or cautioned (yellow card) by the referee for unsportsmanlike behavior from his/her bench area, the Captain will receive a red card if the situation persists. The referee also has the power to eject any spectator at any time at his or her discretion.

N. Player Suspension

District Sports reserves the right to suspend players from league play for as long as it chooses without appeal.

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