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All players in District Sports leagues should wear an official District Sports jersey in the exact color listed next to their team’s name on the schedule during games. An “official District Sports jersey” is defined as “a jersey with a District Sports logo, or a custom jersey cleared by the league.” All registered league players are expected to obtain a District Sports jersey, or play in an approved custom jersey.

Team Jerseys

Teams playing with District Sports will be given a FREE set of jerseys once a year (not every season)!

Jerseys are ordered for in the Spring for all participating teams, or in the first season your team plays with our league, for those who join us in Summer, Fall, or Winter. These jerseys are a free gift to your team. Their cost is not reflected in the price of registration.

We do NOT give out sets of shirts to teams each season, only once per calendar year. This allows us to significantly cut down our league’s environmental footprint, and keeps people’s closets from filling up with duplicate shirts they end up tossing out.

Jerseys are distributed in a standard quantity per league type (unless otherwise requested by team captains via email upon registration).

  • 11s Leagues – 18 jerseys
  • 9s Leagues – 14 jerseys
  • 8s Leagues – 13 jerseys
  • 7s Leagues – 12 jerseys
  • 5s Leagues – 9 jerseys

We strongly recommend that teams keep the jerseys together in a set, and avoid distributing them to individuals for personal use. Keeping your jerseys together means that they can be used by anyone who’s coming to games throughout the season, and in future seasons, when teams change rosters. At the very least, we suggest that all jerseys are collected and kept together at the end of each season. Remember: We only distribute one free set each calendar year!

For teams carrying more players than the standard set provided, or needing more shirts during Summer, Fall or Winter, additional jerseys can be purchased by request.

Custom Jerseys

If your team would like to provide its own jerseys, great! District Sports only requires that the shirts all match each other exactly, and have no profane/offensive language or images. A set of custom jerseys can be as simple as plain, colored t-shirts.

To get a set of jerseys cleared with the league, simply email us a picture of what you’d like to wear and make sure you change the color listed next to your team’s name to match the color of your kits, if necessary.


Teams using substitute players during the regular season are allowed to have a limited number of players not wearing District Sports jerseys. These substitutes will only be allowed to participate if they are wearing a solid color shirt in the EXACT same color as the District Sports jerseys worn by their teammates. Substitutes’ shirts must match exactly: No variations or different shades of colors will be accepted (ie Light Blue does not qualify as Royal Blue).

Playing a Team With the Same Color?

In games where teams will be wearing similar or the same colors, it is the responsibility of the team listed second on the schedule to change colors. The Captain of the team changing colors should notify the referee at the beginning of the match the reason their squad is not wearing their listed color/official District Sports jerseys.

Any player not complying by the above rules will may be excluded from a given match. Referees have the final say regarding whether a player’s attire meets league standards.

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