League Guidelines and Policies

A. Individual and Team Registration

  • Team captains are given the option to pay for an entire team, or split the payment between a set number of individual players during the registration process.
  • Team Rosters: Team Captains who cover the entire team payment are still required to have players to register for the team roster.
  • Payment: By signing a team up for a District Sports league, teams captains commit to covering the full team fee, either through individual player payments or paying the full team fee. Any individual player’s dues that have not been paid by advertised or communicated payment deadlines will become the team captain’s responsibility. The team captain must make payment equal to the cost of the remaining unpaid dues.
  • Player Refunds: If a player has signed up for a season and cannot participate, due to injury or change in availability, District Sports will honor refund requests made before the start of league play. In the case that a player is refunded, the portion of the team fee he or she was responsible for covering still must be paid, either by a replacement player or an existing roster member.
  • A participation waiver must be signed by all league players and substitutes.
  • All players must be 21 years of age or older

B. Rosters

  • Teams rosters may be as small or as large as the team like, as long as the team fee is fully covered by participants. For teams that register players individually, District Sport retains the right to place non-aligned free agents on the team if the team fee is not covered in full.
  • District Sports suggest that teams carry the following amount of players per category: 11v11 outdoor soccer- 18 players; 9v9 outdoor soccer- 14 players; 7v7 outdoor soccer- 12 players; 5v5 soccer- 10 players.
  • During regular season, play teams may pick-up registered players from other District Sports teams as substitutes. This should only be done should the team not have enough of its own players present at the games. Captain discretion is requested in these cases—we request that team captains are considerate of the level of play in any given league when recruiting substitutes.
  • The players that a team may choose to pick-up on a temporary basis for regular season games must wear either the host team’s assigned District Sports jersey or a shirt that is identical in color to the host team’s assigned jersey.
  • Players wearing shirts that are a different shade of the host team’s jersey color or are wearing another color entirely may be excluded from games by referees.
  • Only Registered District Sports players are allowed to play on a given team. District Sports retains the right to suspend any team playing with un-registered players.

C. Rosters: Gender for Men’s and Women’s Leagues, Male to Female Ratio

  • For organizational purposes, District Sports has established the rules for our CoEd leagues by classifying players either male-identified or female-identified.
  • Women are welcome to play in men’s leagues.
  • Only cis-gendered male players are prohibited from women’s leagues. Trans, genderqueer, nonbinary, and all other players who feel like a women’s league is appropriate for their participation, are welcome to participate.
  • District Sports respects the rights of registrants to determine and establish their own gender identity as it pertains to participation in our leagues.
  • The following are the maximum amount of players identifying as male or female that may be on the field at any given time for each format.
  • 11v11- Teams may have no more than eight (8) players of the same gender on the field at any one time.
  • 9v9- Teams may not have more than six (6) players of the same gender on the field at any one time.
  • 7v7 – Teams may not have more than five (5) players on the field of the same gender on the field at any one time.
  • 5v5 – Teams may not have more than three (3) players on the field of the same gender on the field at any one time.

D. Equipment

  • Shin guards (must be totally covered by socks to reduce risk of injury) are mandatory and are an absolute requirement for all players.
  • Footwear – Only soccer/athletic shoes are acceptable. No street shoes or metal cleats. Referees’ decisions on footwear suitability are final.
  • For outdoor soccer, each team shall be responsible for providing a game ball. For indoor soccer District Sports will provide game balls.
  • District Sports is not responsible for any items lost or stolen during games or at District Sports field sites.

E. Uniforms

  • Check out our Jersey Policy here.

F. Regular Season Schedule

  • Schedules will be created based on the amount of teams playing in each league. While we will make every attempt to reschedule games lost for weather related reasons, it is possible for a few games to be lost because of inclement weather. The league makes no ultimate guarantee of any certain number of games- If conditions beyond the control of the league are present, including but not limited to, excessive inclement weather conditions.
  • Teams cannot reschedule games. Only the District Sports administrators have the authority to reschedule a game.
  • Reschedule Requests: Requests by teams to alter the schedule after it is posted require the agreement of all teams affected, and are not final until approved by District Sports. However, it should be understood that requests for adjustments are not guaranteed.
  • District Sports reserves the right to change field locations and times during the course of the season, as needed. Every attempt will be made to give as much advanced notice as possible to affected teams.

G. Forfeit Policy

  • If a team needs to forfeit a league game, they must alert District Sports a minimum of 3 hours before a scheduled kickoff. Confirmation of forfeits should be sent to info@districtsports.com.
  • If a team shows up in good faith but for some reason is unable to field a full team they will not be subject to a penalty.
  • Teams who do not alert District Sports of a forfeit within 3 hours of their match will be subject to a $75.00 penalty. Monies collected for forfeits will be donated to one of the league’s charitable partners.

H. Weather Related Closings — District Sports Game Hotline: 202-263-1143

  • Game Cancellations: Games played on turf fields will go on even in the event of rain. At points we may make a decision to cancel games due to extreme weather such as accumulating snow, freezing rain or extreme temperatures. We do this out of concerns for player safety.
  • Cancellation Notification: District Sports makes every effort to provide as much advanced notice as possible when forced to cancel games. Notification will go out via email and text (to those who’ve provided this detail when registering) along with our Game Hotline (202.263.1143). It is encouraged that players check for communications before leaving for games.
  • Suspended Games: If, due to weather conditions, safety conditions, or referee discretion, a game is halted prior to halftime, it will be replayed (field time permitting). A game halted at halftime or later can stand as indicated by the score when the game was halted, if a replay is not possible.
  • Rescheduled Games: District Sports will attempt to reschedule as many games as possible that are cancelled due to weather. In extreme circumstances, such as more than three games in a season being called off due to weather, it may not be possible to replay all matches, and refunds will be provided on a prorated basis.

I. League Standings

  • Game statistics (wins and losses) will be recorded and posted on the District Sports web page. Teams are encouraged to review their respective League Standings page periodically. The team captain should notify the League Administrator of any errors.
  • A 3-3 draw will be posted for games cancelled and not rescheduled at the end of the regular season.
  • A 3-0 loss will be posted for a team that forfeits a game.
  • Tie-breakers for playoffs are auto-calculated and explained on your league’s Standings Page.

J. Fans and Spectators

  • Spectators are allowed and encouraged to attend District Sports games.
  • Certain facilities have limits on the number of people allowed on the field at any point in time.
  • We ask that all District Sports affiliated players and fans respect the specific rules set forth by individual facilities.
  • Fan and spectator behavior is ultimately the responsibility of the team captain.
  • Any fan or spectator who is verbally abusive, enters the field of play, or is disruptive to gameplay in any way will be asked to leave by referees.

K. Pets

  • Pets are not allowed on the premises of any DCPS or privately owned field. Rules for pets at fields controlled by DC Department of Parks and Recreation vary. District Sports players and affiliated fans are asked to refrain from bringing any animal (with the exception of registered service-animals) to games.

L. Referee Decisions

  • District Sports considers the in-game decisions of referees to be final.
  • While we appreciate and welcome feedback on all elements of our league, including referees, challenges to both calls and non-calls will not be reviewed or overturned by league management, nor will referee decisions be considered as justification for a game to be replayed.

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