Frostbite Open – 2v2 Footgolf Tournament on 1/31

Join us on 1/31 for the Frostbite Open, a 2v2 Footgolf tournament at beautiful the 18-hole Northwest course in Maryland.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve played before or how far you can kick a ball… This is intended to be a friendly event for players of ALL skill levels. There will be two divisions, for competitive and casual players, as well as a Women’s division!

Register your team here!

To join in the fun, you’ll need the following: 2 players, 2 masks, 2 soccer balls, and suitable shoes for the course (no cleats!). A round of footgolf takes roughly 2 hours, walking at a leisurely pace.

After the tournament, all players are invited to join us on the clubhouse patio for drinks and prize announcements. Please note that food / drinks at the clubhouse are not covered in the cost of registration.

Footgolf is exactly what it sounds like: Golf, but you play with your feet! If you’re not familiar with the game, check out this video to give you an idea of how the game is played.

Full Tournament Details:

Date – 1/31/2021 (ALL TEAMS MUST BE REGISTERED BY 1/27)

 – $100 per team.

Time –  Earliest tee-time is 10:06 AM. Tee-times are staggered every 12 minutes. Latest tee-time is 11:30 AM.

Format – Exactly 2 people per team.

Divisions – Teams will choose to play in the All-Gender Competitive, All-Gender Casual, or the Women’s Open division.

Explanation of Divisions – All-Gender divisions are for teams looking compete against participants in a competition with no gender-based rules or considerationsCompetitive is for players who feel comfortable with all aspects of soccer and have played regularly. Casual is for beginners and less experienced players. Women’s Open is available to all players who do not identify as cisgendered men. If there is substantial interest in Women’s Open, we will divide the division into Competitive and Casual options.

Ways to Win – Best Team Score (Competitive), Best Team Score (Just for Fun), Best Individual Round (Both Divisions)

Gameplay – Two teams (2 people per team) will be randomly paired together in a foursome across 18 holes of footgolf. Each team will have a designated scorekeeper, who tracks all four players scores. Play will be governed by basic footgolf Stroke Play scoring rules. At the end of 18 holes, the scorekeepers will confirm and sign each others scorecards, then turn them in to a tournament official. League officials will tabulate scores per team, and also track the best individual round. Once all teams have turned in scorecards, a winner will be declared in both categories.

Foursome Requests -If you would like to be paired with a specific team, please let us know! All we ask is that teams requesting to be paired together are in the same division.

If you have any questions, email !

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