Have League Credit from 2020? Fill out the Credit Opt-In Form by 3/9.

All players with credits from 2020 league play were sent a message containing this same information contained in this post. Please read the below and make sure to fill out the Credit Opt-In Form by 3/9, if you plan on using a league credit for an upcoming District Sports competition.

General Information on 2020 League Credits

The anniversary of District Sports suspending league play last March is quickly approaching. Our Spring leagues had started play when the pandemic hit, and we were naively hopeful that our season would only be postponed for a month or two. Players were given credit for their league fees, based on how many games their team had played prior to COVID-19 shutting down recreational sports.

A year later, we still have roughly $250,000 in player credits left to honor from Spring 2020 leagues.

Thanks to the generosity of players, and temporary governmental support, District Sports is still here. Despite not being able to run leagues, we’ve managed to keep the lights on, but our organization’s current financial situation is still incredibly tenuous.

Right now, we are doing our best to budget for a full return to play in 2021. Understanding how many credits will potentially be redeemed is an incredibly important part of that process. If all players chose to use their available credits at once, it would likely be the last ever season of District Sports soccer. Absorbing $250,000 in one go means we would not have enough revenue to operate any future leagues, given the high overhead costs of fields, referees, and insurance fees.

Credit Opt-In: What to Do If You Plan on Using League Credits

We are opening a week-long Credit Opt-In Window, during which we are asking players to actively confirm if they would like to keep their credits from Spring 2020.

If you are still around the District, plan on playing in our leagues, and would like to keep the credit on your profile available for use, then please Opt-In by filling out the Credit Opt-In Form.

This form can be filled out up until March 9 at midnight. Once the Credit Opt-In window closes, credit will be removed from the profiles of all players who did not specifically request to keep it by filling out the form before March 9.

After unwanted credit has been removed from our system, we will be able to accurately plan for how remaining credits factor into our return to play.

What To Do If You Don’t Want to Keep Your Credits

If you no longer envision needing or electing to use your credit, then please do nothing – there is no need to fill out the form. Unclaimed credits will be removed from consideration in our budget.

Thank you for being a part of this terrific community, and for your kind consideration as we push through this challenging time together.

The District Sports Staff
Alex, Zach, and Shannon

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