September Soccer Tennis Leagues!

2v2 soccer tennis is back this September!

Play on Tuesday or Thursday in this fun, socially distant competition. League games will being on 9/8 and 9/10, respectively.

How do our soccer tennis leagues work?

First, find a teammate or two and sign up!

You and your teammate(s) will face off against other teams in a tennis-style competition. You’ll have two matches each night over three weeks, for a total of six matches!

Game-play is a combination of tennis and volleyball: You and your partner have three touches to keep the ball from hitting your side of the court more than once, while trying to juggle and pass the ball back across the net into your opponents area!

Each match takes about thirty minutes, with teams playing a best-of-three series, in games to 11 points.

There is no gender requirement in soccer tennis. All are welcome to participate, in whatever combination of players you prefer! You can have up to three people on your team, but remember, only two are allowed on the court during gameplay.

Registration will open on Thursday, 8/27 at this link:

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If you have any questions about this competition, please let us know!

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