COVID-19 Update

Information updated 3/24. Key points to understand are:

+ All league activities–March 12 through April 27–have been postponed.

+ If play can resume on April 27, we will either play a full, 8-game season, or play a shortened season, with prorated credits for participating teams.

+ We are basing our information on directives from DC government agencies. We will reevaluate the status of future games, as more information becomes available.

+ All participants will be updated on plans for the season (including payments) no later than April 17th.

+ The Cherry Blossom City Cup–March 28 and 29–has been canceled.

To see a list of ways District Sports players and organizers are giving back during this period, click here.


Second update, dated 3/24/2020.


In her most recent public statement, Mayor Bowser extended closures of the DC Department of Parks and Recreation and DC Public schools until April 27th with a ban on public gatherings until the 25th. Given this guidance, we hope to resume spring play on April 27th and either extend league games into June and July or play a shortened version of the season (though we are realistic that this may change).

All teams will be kept as up to date as possible regarding changes to schedules and plans. If, ultimately, games cannot be made up, teams will be given a prorated credit (keeping in mind games you’ve already played) for use in future 2020 seasons. Whatever the outcome, you will hear from us with full detail on plans by no later than April 17th.

District Sports has been a part of the fabric of DC life for the past 14 years. We now find ourselves in the same uncertain boat as countless other small businesses and organizations, restaurants, bars, event venues, gyms, and others, and more importantly, the individuals who work in these fields.

As a nonprofit organization running community leagues, we are faced with the challenge of how to strike a balance which ensures our existence for years to come, while still fairly addressing the needs and concerns of both our players, employees (including referees) and charitable partners.

Our goal is to do right by you and your teams AND come out on the other side of this period ready and able to continue running excellent soccer programming. We have to imagine that you and yours will be more than ready to hit the field once our current situation improves. We want to still be here to make that happen.

You may have questions over the next days and weeks, especially about team fees. Our ability to provide an accurate response relies on information we are still in the process of gathering about our needs and costs related to staffing, field credits/refunds, insurance payments, and other incidentals associated with running our operation. We are committed to providing honest explanations and taking fair actions for you and your teammates, once this process is complete.

Apologies for the extended email but we hope it provides a sufficient update on where we are. Thanks for being a part of our organization and we’ll be in touch.

Alex Bearman
Executive Director



Original message, dated 3/12/2020.

District Sports Community:

I’m writing to you with difficult news. We have been fielding many questions over the past few days regarding league play and COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Given the evolving state of affairs, both locally and nationally, we have decided to suspend all league and tournament activities for at least two weeks, starting tonight — March 12 and running through March 25.

This decision reflects our desire to take the safest course of action available at this time, in the effort to best protect both our players, and our community at large.

We know how much people look forward to games each week, but as a league where thousands of people play, we have a distinct responsibility to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). This includes recognizing that recreational soccer leagues ultimately fall into the category of non-essential activities, regardless of the size or number of people in attendance.

We will continue to reevaluate plans based on available information, as the situation regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) develops. In the interim, we recommend players follow the guidelines for health and safety as provided by public health professionals.

Our expectation is that all leagues will still feature full seasons this Spring– with all teams playing 8 games and playoffs, just on a slightly delayed schedule.

We understand that there are many questions you may have about future schedules and specifics related to your team and league. We will be in touch with team captains soon about how we plan to move forward with your Spring leagues.

Alex Bearman
Executive Director

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