A Message From the District Sports Board

Dear District Sports Community Member,

We are reaching out to you as fellow District Sports players and members of its Board of Directors, with an update on the operating status of the organization and to ask for your help. The pandemic has forced us, like countless businesses, to grapple with financial concerns that threaten our ability to continue. As valued members of our soccer community, we need your help now to sustain the organization that brings us together on and off the field.

District Sports is a non-profit organization. Revenues from soccer leagues and tournaments help us meet critical overhead costs (field rentals, insurance, jerseys, staff salaries, referees, etc.) With playing fields in DC still unavailable and questions around the safety of contact sports still unresolved, we do not know when we will be able to return to play at full capacity.

As you’ll recall, the default option for the cancelled Spring 2020 season was a 75% credit.. While we’ve availed ourselves of modest reserve funds and COVID-19 related government loan programs to support our staff during the ongoing closures, that money is running out. By paying with credit, District Sports does not get the benefit of the additional revenue needed to support overhead costs mentioned above, jeopardizing our ability to continue running leagues. Without your help, District Sports may not survive the pandemic. We are asking for those players who are financially able, to donate that credit to District Sports.

District Sports has been a constant presence in our city for nearly 20 years. Throughout that time we have been dedicated to building community, creating opportunities for those of all different backgrounds to play organized sports, and giving back to our neighbors through charitable partnerships. As Board members, District Sports means a great deal to us and we are proud of what we and the staff have accomplished. We hope you feel the same way.

If you’ve valued your experiences and the relationships you’ve built through playing with us and are able to contribute your Spring fees back to us, please fill out this Spring Contribution Form to help ensure District Sports is around for future seasons.

Thank you in advance for being a part of this terrific community, and for your kind consideration as we push through this challenging time together. We are confident that we have an opportunity to come out stronger on the other side and very much want to be here for whatever comes next.

The District Sports Board

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