First time signing up or running a team? Use this guide / FAQ sheet to make your season with District Sports a success!

Registration and Roster
  • Register your team here. League registration happens about a month before the season starts. Be aware: Some leagues may not be available to new teams, if they fill up with squads returning from the most recent season.
  • Make sure everyone is signed up by the first game (if not, you’re getting charged!)
  • If you need more players, use the Free Agent Pool to recruit.
  • You get one free set of jerseys per calendar year for your squad.
  • We recommend you keep them all together and bring them to each game.
  • If you need extras, you’ll have to buy them. Email if this applies to you!
  • Make sure your DS profile is linked with a good email address. We send out notifications and messages about scheduling to the email you provide.
  • Get as many players on your roster as you can–it takes the burden off you as the sole point of contact, in case there’s nasty weather or a problem at a field.
  • Always use the schedule on the website!
  • Don’t import the games to your calendar and then never look again. You might miss an update!
  • Do you see issue with the schedule for your team? Let us know ASAP.
  • We can often make changes, but the more time we have to do it, the better. If you have a scheduling request, ask BEFORE the season starts.
  • Remember: All teams have to play some late games and some games at locations farther from the center of DC. Keep in mind if what you’re requesting is fair, considering the experience of other teams and players in your league.
Before the Game
  • Check your schedule each week for location and time, just in case.
  • Check the color of the team you’re playing and plan ahead for conflicts–if you play someone with the same / a similar color, ALWAYS bring two options!
  • Make sure you know who’s coming to each game–don’t assume people will just show up!
  • Send out a message asking players to RSVP to a match AT LEAST three days before you play. This gives you time to recruit subs, if needed.
  • If you need to forfeit, due to lack of players, know the forfeit rule (you will get charged a forfeit fee if you don’t let us know!)
At the Game
  • Know the rules for your league.
  • Have everyone prepared to play on time and in the right equipment.
  • Make sure someone brings a ball to every game / jerseys.
  • Be a leader–make an effort to keep games as fair and friendly as possible. Remember that your team’s behavior reflects on you off the field.
  • We expect you to help the referees by managing your own players and fans. Sub someone off if they need a break / to calm down.
After the Game
  • Your feedback is essential.
  • If there’s something you think we need to know about your game, good or bad, email us!

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