Kickball for Soccer Players – Tuesdays this Fall!

Good news! DC is now allowing low-contact team sports to come back this Fall! Unfortunately, soccer isn’t on the list of sports approved for play yet, but hopefully sometime soon…

While we’re waiting, grab a mask, you cleats, and your teammates and join us for a three week kickball league on Tuesday nights in DupontThere is space for 6 teams in this program.

This kickball league comes with a soccer twist… see below to learn how!

Our 9v9 Kickball league will meet all DC’s health and safety guidelines for team sports under the newly updated rules. It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to enjoy some time together outside, as part of a socially distant, friendly competition. To ensure your safety, all players must be registered in order to play. There will be nightly check-in with a league official, and masks must be worn by participants at all times.

Why call it Kickball for Soccer Players? In addition to regular kickball rules, there are two soccer-specific wrinkles to the game.

First: While at-bat, if a kicker can manage to shoot the ball into either of the two goals placed in the outfield without being blocked, it’s an automatic homerun! Of course, you’re welcome to aim for the fences, and get a homerun in the old-fashioned way.

Second: On defense, you can automatically get any kicker out if the first fielder to touch a live ball can pass it back into a small goal behind homeplate, as long as they do it by taking no more than two touches AND never use their arms or hands!

Full rules of the game will be posted soon, but will be modeled off of WAKA guidelines. Check back soon for official details!

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